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Aspirateur central

Specific Warranty for Residential Usage

  • Motor(s): 10 years

  • Circuits: 10 years

  • Casing: Lifetime

  • Labor: 5 years (at a DVI authorised dealer or at the plant). Travel at the customer’s expense.

  • Regular accessories: 1 year

  • Replacement parts : 1 year



The warranty covers against any defect of manufacturing and materials produced by DVI. It excludes damage caused by the normal wear, the inadequate use or modifications brought on the product. DVI cannot be held responsible for any consecutive, direct or indirect or special damage caused by the use of the device.


Preserve all proofs of purchase of your device. The date on these documents serves to establish the warranty period. If a service request under warranty must be made, you have to present these proofs of purchase at an authorized DVI retailer. If the proof of purchase cannot be provided, the warranty period will be determined from the manufacturing date of the product.


The warranty will not be applied if the regular maintenance recommended by DVI has not been followed or if repairs were made by a retailer which was not recommended by DVI. In addition, the warranty will be voided by abusive usage or improper use of the device (see recommendations in the user’s guide); due to excessive suction of plaster dust or any similar fine dust; if the unit is damaged by fire after vacuuming ashes or cigarette butts; due to an ownership exchange or location of the original installation; if damage is caused by flood, by any other natural disaster or by electrical overload.


The motor warranty is only valid if the carbon brushes of the motor are worn improperly or unevenly (a brush being completely worn out and the other being almost new). If both carbon brushes are worn out, it is considered as a normal wear.


The use of dust bags, bag filter, foam filter and cartridge filter is required for devices that work with bags and/or filters. Improper installation of these could allow dust to infiltrate the motor(s) and void the warranty. In addition, the wear of the filters is considered normal and is not covered by the warranty.


The warranty does not cover piping, fittings, intakes of the device or improper installation.


The shipment of any items and the travel up to a retailer or to the manufacturer are at customer expense.


Proper maintenance of the device is suggested during the warranty period and proper maintenance of the filters is also suggested as needed.